Actually I am deeply enjoying working as a Human physiology university professor at   
St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine, in the paradisiacal island  of Curacao

Life has a tendency to take you away, sometimes in a total disagreement with what were your intentions, and every road you travel through may become the highway of your happiness, if you let what God built into the foundations of your being freely flow. 

I graduated as a physician a long time ago at La Universidad del Zulia. (Zulia State University - Venezuela)

I am a physician, pediatrician, critical care specialist, but above all, a physician, actually I am a Human Physiology Professor.

After that, also a long time ago I became a Pediatrician also graduating at La Universidad del Zulia (Zulia State University - Venezuela).

I worked for many years, accumulating over 20 years of clinical experience at Hospital Clínico de Maracaibo and Clínica Falcón en Maracaibo, Venezuela, as a Pediatrician, Critical Care Physician, and Neonatologist.